Join us in the Arena

Join us in the Arena

Arena title company

What is the Arena Collective?

The Arena Collective is a boutique law firm providing business consulting services, successions as well as legal and real estate title services through its affiliates, Arena Law Firm and Arena Title Company.

Our Purpose at the Collective is to be provide an environment where our team and our clients can endeavor for excellence, build legacies, and impact others - all through the core values of Leadership, Integrity, Vocation, Legacy and Teamwork.

The door of the Arena opens to those in our communities who recognize these core values, and who, in doing so, strive greatly on their journey through the landscape of life and all of its challenges.         

Arena Legal Services


In Louisiana the process of handling a deceased person’s estate, or paying their debts and distributing their assets, is called a Succession - other states call it Probate. Our attorneys will guide you through that complex process to make sure it is handled correctly and efficiently. We can also represent you as an heir in successions handled by other attorneys, if you feel your interests are not protected.

successions planning
estate planning

Estate Planning

Here at Arena Law Firm, we offer expertise in the area of Estate Planning through our highly experienced attorneys, for estates ranging from simple to complex.

Regardless of the extent of one’s estate, we should always consider the value of peace of mind for ourselves and our loved ones. The advantages of proper planning offer tremendous relief and understanding for individuals and their families, and effective planning can help avoid many pitfalls that may otherwise befall an individual’s estate.

Business Matters

We want to see you succeed—it’s our passion and our motivation. Whether you are starting a new business, at a turning point to scale your business to the next level, or winding down looking for a succession plan, we can help you navigate those paths.

  • Trademarks
  • Startups & New Entities
  • Contract Drafting & Contract Review
  • Business Consulting
  • Employment Law
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
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We look forward to showing you how we can help. Join us in the Arena.

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